At Aquify we pride ourselves in being a lean and nimble core team supported by an extended network of trusted industry partners.

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A decentralized team

Heavy investment has been made in tools that facilitate working from anywhere in the world, for anyone in the world. With team members located throughout Canada and USA, everything is cloud based allowing us to be efficient, transparent, and organized.

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Small but mighty

The team at Aquify consists of a select group of specialists assembled for very specific reasons; the right people in the right places, united towards a common goal at all times. Our small core team means we stay highly engaged and highly collaborative on every project.

Hybrid by design

Aquify combines the strengths of a small core team with the experience and diversity of an extensive network of aquatic professionals around the world. This allows us to stay lean and leverage the right people and the right products, at the right time.

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Expert partners

We’ve partnered with some of the best in the business to help us achieve our vision. With a focus on quality and innovation, we’ve handpicked our partners to help forge the future of aquatic mechanical ecosystems.

Meet our core roster

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Ryan McDowell


Ryan has a passion for the built environment. Inspired by the International Living Future Institutes challenge to create communities that are socially just, culturally rich, and ecologically restorative. His first entrepreneurial venture running a successful clothing and fitness equipment chain taught him a lot about partnerships and living life by this manifesto. Waterplay Solutions Corp inspired him to CARE (Commitment, Attitude, Respect & Equality) while they built some of the highest performing and sustainable aquatic play solutions possible. Now through Aquify, Ryan has his sights set on creating aquatic mechanical products that save water, energy, and space, and the vision of being kind to the environment and kind to the people who use it.

Headshot of Graeme Duckett

Graeme Duckett

Digital Strategy

Graeme joins the Aquify team in a multidisciplinary capacity overseeing marketing and advertising, digital solutions, visual design, and brand related initiatives. As a veteran of the digital world, he has worked with organizations large and small across a wide range of industries to further their digital strategy and marketing goals. After working extensively with government, municipalities, financial companies, educational institutions, and the like, he brings a mixed bag of experience and insight to help support Aquify in its endeavour to be a truly digital, distributed company.

Photo of Matt Moriarty

Matt Moriarty

Business Development

Commercial aquatics is an ever-evolving, rapidly growing industry restricted only by imagination. Matt’s knowledge of the past but vision of the future will help grow Aquify into a sustainable leadership position. His past sales and management positions at Neptune Benson introduced him into this niche field. His love for problem solving and understanding individual challenges will help aquatic designers, pool contractors, manufactures, and facility owners. Matt’s focused approach will streamline practices, automate actions, and improve quality by implementing principles that champion the voice of the customer.

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Stephen Vigil

Project Support

Stephen brings over 18 years of technical experience in operations and commercial swimming pool startup services. He is a National Swimming Pool Foundation course instructor and is certified to work on all of Aquify Systems products and many of the most recognizable product brands in the recreational aquatics industry. Stephen heads up the Project Support department for Aquify Systems and travels around the USA and Canada assisting pool contractors with startup assistance and commissioning of our equipment.

Photo of Josh Kravitz

Joshua Kravitz

Product Design

Josh’s design philosophy is focused on divergent design thinking, innovative solutions to mechanical product challenges, and integration with key emerging technologies to create disruptive products. A mechanical engineer by trade, he applies his design expertise across a wide variety of industries including aquatic mechanical equipment, automation, building construction, naval architecture, furniture, and small product design.

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Our trusted partners

Herborner Pumpen logo

Herborner Pumpen is a 146 year old privately held German pump manufacturer with an assembly plant located in Sarasota, Florida, USA. Providing and creating pump technology at the highest level. 

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The Sentry brand of products stand guard protecting the environment with energy efficiencies and the operator with reduced maintenance issues. Backed by a team of professional product designers, pool builders and mechanical contractors.

Watergush are leading experts in the creation of a variety of types of visual and interactive fountains. Their main objective is the creation of public spaces where users become an active element, feeling like a part of the experience.

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