Straight Strainer

Aquify Straight Strainer – Stainless Steel

The SMART Strainer Interface* Informs Operator when Maintenance is Required

Basket strainers are used in piping systems to remove large debris by straining fluid through a perforated basket. Debris can cause damage to water pumps, filters, and other aquatic equipment. The Aquify basket strainer is designed as a traditional basket strainer while providing enhanced build quality, ease of maintenance, and premium materials for longevity and simple maintenance.

  • Narrow overall length allows for installation in tight spaces
  • Over-sized body design reduces head loss
  • Stainless Steel 304L construction for increased corrosion resistance
  • Slotted AWWA flat flanges for easy installation and increased strength
  • Easy basket cleaning and removal with rotating tie-downs
  • Clear Acrylic cover
  • Integrated tapped outlet tees for pressure transducers
  • Integrated tapped drain with plug

* comes standard if purchased and used with Aquify Regenerative Media Filter

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Inlet Size
Outlet Size
Smart Part Number
3″ 3″ 18″ 36 lbs STR-0303-SS4
4″ 4″ 18″ 38 lbs STR-0404-SS4
6″ 6″ 20″ 59 lbs STR-0606-SS4
8″ 8″ 20″ 63 lbs STR-0808-SS4
10″ 10″ 26″ 116 lbs STR-1010-SS4
12″ 12″ 26″ 123 lbs STR-1212-SS4
14″ 14″ 32″ 176 lbs STR-1414-SS4
16″ 16″ 32″ 185 lbs STR-1616-SS4

The Strainers manufactured by Aquify Systems are made out of 304 Stainless Steel to suit your application. The multiple size configurations offer excellent flexibility to select the strainer most suitable for your application. The strainer basket is designed for simplicity and ease of use with quick-release knob style hold-downs on the acrylic lid. The acrylic lid allows for easy visualization of the inside of the strainer to see when the basket is dirty and needs to be cleaned. The flange faces are flat-faced for easy assembly with mating flanges of your piping or equipment. Each Aquify Strainer is equipped with a 1/4″ NPT drain port to be used for draining all water from the strainer. This port has a threaded plug installed.

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