Sentry Pool Valves

Sentry Pool Valve

The Sentry Pool Valve is a Dynamic Modulating, Main Drain, Fill Valve

The Sentry Pool Valve is a self-contained, non-electric, non-pneumatic, modulating main drain control with integral make up water. It is designed to automate the skimming function of a gutter drain (perimeter) type swimming pool. It removes the connection to the main drain from the filtration pump removing all suction and any possibility for entrapment, essentially it is a VGB compliant valve. The Sentry Pool Valve maximizes 80% of the flow off the top and 20% of flow from the bottom automatically. The Sentry Pool Valve allows for accurate level setting of the surge tank capacity eliminating unnecessary overflow waste to sanitary. The Sentry Pool Valve saves water, energy and chemical usage all while ensuring uninterrupted perfectly balanced skimming of your swimming pool.

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The valve itself is constructed of type 304 stainless Steel with UHMW friction and bearing surfaces to reduce and ensure a long life in the harsh environment to which it is exposed. It is recommended that the modulator be mounted on a butterfly valve (lug type) to allow for isolating the main drain for servicing of any equipment in the main drain pit.

The primary function of the Sentry Pool Valve is to modulate the amount of water taken from the bottom of the pool, using the gutter return as the primary source of water. Any deficiency can be made up by the Sentry Pool Valve to maintain the correct level setting of the pump pit. An added feature of the Sentry Pool Valve is the integral make-up water feature, which is designed to add water lost through evaporation and/or people exiting the pool.

As the level of the pool drops, the volume of water returning through the gutter return diminishes because the surge pit is volumetrically much smaller than the pool. Minor change in flow translates into a greater elevation change in the surge pit. When this happens, the float on the valve drops, opening the gate to maintain the level set in the pit, ensuring water for the pump.

The make-up water valve will react to a one inch elevation change in the surge pit (not in the swimming pool) adding make-up water until the gutter return flow is at its original rate.

There are several benefits to adding make-up water in this manner, not only to the pool operator but to the general public.

  • The water is added slowly and blended over the course of the entire day, chemical treatment can be done more accurately
  • The benefit to the operator is reduced time in estimating how much make-up to add to allow the pool to skim
  • Water testing is more accurate throughout the body of water because of the constant blending of small amounts of make-up water
  • One of the most important benefits is the constant skimming action, which allows debris and dirt to be skimmed immediately before sinking to the bottom, eliminating the need for vacuuming as frequently, while maintaining the cleanliness of the pool for the public
  • Also, in a competitive pool, the wake created by swimmers goes over the gutter and does not return back to the pool, eliminating water resistance

The Sentry Pool Valve can be installed in a variety of locations, designed both in vertical and horizontal applications. The slotted flange bolt holes allow adjustments on retro-fit pools where flange bolts may not be perfectly aligned and imperial and metric sizing. The sizes range from 4″ through 16″ on standard designs, with custom designs available if needed.

Sentry Pool Valve is built to be the best main drain modulating valve available today, using only the best materials for the harsh environments they are in.

Flange Size
Height (Open)
Float Travel Height
Clearance (Sides)
Smart Part Number
6″ 25.71″ 6″ 24.41″ 14.63″ 8″ 6″ 90 SPV-06-SS4
8″ 25.71″ 6″ 24.41″ 14.63″ 8″ 6″ 92 SPV-08-SS4
10″ 25.71″ 8″ 24.41″ 14.63″ 8″ 6″ 93 SPV-10-SS4
12″ 25.71″ 8″ 24.41″ 14.63″ 8″ 6″ 101 SPV-12-SS4
14″ 25.95″ 10″ 24.91″ 14.63″ 8″ 6″ 107 SPV-14-SS4
16″ 27.2″ 10″ 26.16″ 14.63″ 8″ 6″ 114 SPV-16-SS4

*Custom sizes available upon request.


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