Feature Pump Controllers

Feature Pump Controller

The Sure Smart Water Feature Controller is an all-in-one water feature control system designed to bring complete control of an entire recreational aquatics facility to one convenient location. Built custom for each facility, the Sure Smart has the capability to control everything from the pool lights to the speed of the feature pump motors. Safety, convenience, and reliability all in control package.

  • Control feature pumps from aquatics office or other remote location
  • Easy to monitor and operate
  • Emergency stop to shut down all features at once
  • Extremely reliable
  • UL listed USA, CA

Safe Control

Designed with safety in mind, the Sure Smart Water Feature Controller is a UL listed control panel that can be installed remotely outside of a pool mechanical room in a much safer environment. EPO switches are interlocked through the controller so that wiring installation of code required emergency shut off switches can be made simple and terminations are made in one location. A master EPO located on the controller itself will shut down all features at once if needed in the case of an emergency.

Complete Fully-Customized Control

Each controller is made to order and tailor built to meet the requirements of any aquatic facility. Pool lighting can be controlled either manually or via a 24hr programable time clock. Aesthetic features such as waterfalls or misting systems can also be programmed to run off timers to save energy and cut down on water loss. River currents can be adjusted to meet the needs of senior water walking classes all the way to high intensity aerobics classes.