Interlock Controllers

FIC-RF Interlock Controller

The FIC-RF Interlock Controller is a fully customized swimming pool/spa equipment controller, designed for use with regenerative media filtration systems. The FIC-RF is designed to electrically interlock the circulation, filtration, heat, ozone or ultra violet light generators, as well as all chemical treatment systems that are needed to safely and efficiently operate a commercial swimming pool/spa system. The FIC-RF Interlock controller links together all equipment within the system to operate together as one, ensuring proper start up, and shut down of all the equipment. When interlocked with the circulation pump VFD, the FIC-RF controller will automatically control the switching of pump speeds for filter, and precoat cycles, eliminating the need to operate valves to achieve the correct flow rate.

  • Safely shut down all equipment in conjunction with the circulation pump
  • Control the circulation flow rate during precoat cycles
  • EMERGENCY STOP function to immediately shut down circulation, chemical feeds, and all equipment with one button
  • Bypass mode for maintenance and trouble shooting
  • Adheres to the CDC Model Aquatic Health Code
  • Low water cut off option to prevent pump cavitation
  • UL listed USA, CA
  • Includes easy to follow custom wiring diagram for the entire pool/spa system


  • Centralized control of entire system
  • Compatible with all manufactures equipment
  • Easy to install in new or existing systems
  • Simple design and virtually maintenance free
  • Unequivocal layer of protection for swimmers, operators, and equipment