Herborner F-N

Coated close-coupled centrifugal pump.

The cutting edge generation of coated herborner.F-N block pumps with their unique 100% coating is suitable for all applications where the medium must not be contaminated by corrosion products. Up to 500 ┬Ám coating provides an extremely smooth surface boosting the hydraulic efficiency of the pump by about 10% and offering energy savings over years.

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With 100% coating the friction losses are so low that efficiency is improved by up to 10%. The energy savings during continuous operation translates to particularly high efficiency. Up to 3 HP/h are saved when using a pump with 30 HP.

Start-up safely

No more seizing up during start ups even after long periods of downtime.

Optimized for service and maintenance

All components have been developed for optimized service and maintenance and intelligently assembled. Simplifying daily operation procedures and saving costs.