Herborner X-N-C Series

100% coated = 0 % corrosion. Vertical pump equipped with heat exchanger motor with integrated strainer.

The X-N-C series circulation pump for swimming pool water, with the unique 100% coating and integrated pre-filter has a liquid cooled heat exchanger motor (C). The energy re-use principle of heat exchanger motors leads to considerable savings in heating costs and heat reduction of the plant room, for example by supplying the motor’s waste heat directly to swimming pool water for heating. In addition, these motors are characterised by lower noise emissions. The vertical integrated strainer design eliminates the need for a basket strainer and reduced footprint required for the pump and simplifies piping runs. The 100% HPC coating provides an extremely smooth surface. Hydraulic efficiency is boosted by up to 10% depending on the operating point of the pump, offering huge energy savings. The vertical position of the motor is protected from potential mechanical room flooding versus horizontal setups.

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With 100% coating the friction losses are so low that efficiency is improved by up to 10%. The energy savings during continuous operation translates to particularly high efficiency. Up to 3 HP/h are saved when using a pump with 30 HP.

Start-up safely

No more seizing up during start ups even after long periods of downtime.

Optimized for service and maintenance

All components have been developed for optimized service and maintenance and intelligently assembled. Simplifying daily operation procedures and saving costs.