Water Level Controllers

Sure Level 500

The Sure Level 500 is a multi-level sensing water level controller designed for any swimming pool or spa. The days of setting probes or floats at the exact desired heights are gone. All levels – High, Low, Normal Operation – are easily set and controlled electronically through the microprocessor controller. The controller utilizes one hydrostatic pressure transmitter that is maintenance free and accurate no matter the size of the body of water it is controlling. The controller can be preprogrammed at the factory to suit any application or programmed on site in a matter of minutes. Easy interlocking of the controller will prevent overflowing the system – even when the “Manual Fill Valve” has been opened – and prevent pump cavitation when the water level drops below the low limit set point.

  • Precise multi-level control
  • Extremely accurate and reliable
  • Easy to monitor and operate
  • Installs easily into most surge tanks, stand pipes, or sigh wells
  • No probes or floats to set, maintain, or replace
  • High and low water level protection
  • Alarm outputs for audible/visual alarms or remote monitoring
  • Connects easily to a PLC, or SCADA system
  • Large digital readouts and indicator lights
  • State of the art hydrostatic pressure transmitter technology
  • +/- .025% accuracy standard
  • Easily retrofit into most existing systems
  • UL listed USA, CA

Reliable Maintenance Free Sensor

The Sure Level 500 utilizes state of the art hydrostatic pressure technology to provide the most accurate depth readings in real time. The submersible level transmitter is constructed of durable 316 stainless steel combined with a ported polyoxymethylene nose cap to ensure reliability and a long lifespan. The over-molded shielded cable used to connect the sensor to the controller is designed to protect the signal wiring and atmospheric vent during installation in conduit or in an open-air wiring design as well as shield the signal from any electrical noise interference. The sensor can be installed in the lowest point of a surge tank, stand pipe, or sight well and then programmed through the microprocessor controller. No more hassles of getting multiple probes or floats set at exactly the right level.

High and Low Water Level Protection

The Sure Level 500 also functions as failsafe protection for filters and pumps. No more burned out pump seals and returning media to the pool due to pump cavitation. When a low water level is detected a signal is sent to shut down the circulation system before any damage can occur to the equipment and prevent cloudy water due to media release in a regenerative media filtration system. High water level detection prevents overflowing the system by closing a failsafe solenoid and avoiding any damage to the pool mechanical room, natatorium, and surrounding areas such as gyms and exercise rooms that have expensive equipment and flooring.