Water Level Controllers

Sure Level 600

The Sure Level 600 is an extremely precise and reliable multi-stage water level controller, and electronic main drain valve controller. The Sure Level 600 is specially designed for bodies of water that incorporate an external surge tank, or balance tank in the system. The controller automatically monitors and controls the water level in the surge tank, and controls an electric valve on the systems main drain line.

  • Extremely accurate and reliable
  • Easy to monitor and operate
  • Simple installation and setup
  • No probes, or flows to try to get at exactly the right level
  • Connects easily to a PLC, or SCADA system
  • High and low water level protection
  • Installs easily into most surge tanks, stand pipes, or sigh wells
  • +/- .025% accuracy standard
  • UL listed USA, CA

The Sure Level 600 water level controller utilizes hydrostatic pressure transmitter technology to convert water pressure to level. The controller’s large numeric readout, and indicator lights enable operators to easily verify proper operation, and level with a simple visual scan. The Sure Level 600 monitors and controls normal, low and highwater levels with one hydrostatic pressure level transmitter. That same transmitter signal is also used to control the operation of the electronic main drain modulating valve. This transmitter can be installed in a surge tank, stand pipe, or sight well. The sensor gets placed in the lowest point of whatever installation method is used. The actual levels are programmed using the microprocessor controller. No hassles of getting multiple probes or floats at exactly the right level!

The plc controller input is a 4-20ma signal from the level probe. The controller has four programmable relay outputs, and one programmable 4-20ma output. The four relay outputs are configured for normal water, low water level, high water level, and Alarm. The 4-20 ma output signal controls the main drain valve.

Main Drain Valve Control

The programmable 4-20 ma output signal uses water level and converts it to a milliamp signal. This signal is used to proportionally control an electronic valve actuator connected to a butterfly valve. This replaces the mechanically float controlled modulating valve. Now the pool level, and the surge tank level can be the same. No more worry about water equalizing, and running out the overflow. A battery backup system on the valve actuator assures this control, even in the event of a power outage.

Water Level Control

Normal water level settings control a fill solenoid to maintain precise water level down to less than an eighth of an inch. Low water settings can be configured to interlock with your circulation system to prevent pump low water condition. High water level settings control a shut off solenoid to prevent over filling from a malfunction or someone forgetting to shut off the manual fill valve. An alarm, or aux output available for audible alarm, light, etc.